Some Things that We Should Pay Attention to Before Dining Out

As a food paradise, Hong Kong brings together cuisines from all over the world! 🤤 Is there anything that we should pay attention to before dining out? 🤔
💡Tip 1: Bring your own reusable bag

From April 2015 onwards, merchants are required to impose a minimum charge of HK$0.5 for each plastic bag given to customers. Save money and reduce waste by bringing your own bag!

💡Tip 2: Bring your own napkin

Most restaurants don’t provide you with napkins. Remember to bring your own.

💡Tip 3: Bring your own cold water

Most restaurants serve you only warm water. What’s more, it will cost you extra money to add ice to it.

💡 Tip 4: Always feel free to ask for help if you need it

Most of the restaurants won’t impose service charge. If you want something from them, do ask for their help.

💡Tip 5: Prepare cash

Not all the restaurants accept credit cards, especially street vendors. Prepare cash just in case.

💡Tip 6: Take notice of additional charges

Some restaurants may charge the tea, condiments, and non-ordered snacks brought by the waiters automatically. If you don’t want them, remember to inform the waiter beforehand.

💡Tip 7: Be ready to share table with others.

To ensure every customer can enjoy the meal as quickly as possible, restaurants will make the most of every seat available. Get cozy and maybe make a new friend!

💡Tip 8: Wash the utensils with hot tea.

Before drinking the hot tea that’s usually given to you, you may want to use it to wash your utensils, then pour the tea out into the large bowl on the table.

💡Tip 9: Dine at QTSA-accredited restaurants.

If you are wondering where to enjoy the quality-guaranteed meal, check out QTSA-accredited restaurants.