Must Eat in Hong Kong–Central

Hong Kong has an extraordinary array of delicacy from street foods to high-class restaurants.

There are just so many choices available that people always can’t decide what to eat! While with the must-eat list below, you may well easily enjoy all the featured foods in Hong Kong! Check it out! ✨✨✨



✔️Silk-stocking Milk Tea from Lan Fong Yuen

✔️Macaroni Soup from Sing Heung Yuen

✔️Wan Tan Noodles from Tsim Chai Kee Noodle

✔️Cart Noodles from Chopsticks Kee

✔️Congee from Law Fu Kee

✔️Food Stall from Sing Kee

✔️Dim sum from Lin Heung Tea House

✔️Egg Tart from Tai Cheong Bakery

✔️Hong Kong-style Bakery from Honolulu Coffee Shop

✔️Sweet Soup from Leaf Dessert

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