The 10 Hottest HK Photography Spots!

Apart from those famous tourist spots, what are  some other breathtaking places we didn’t cover?
Check this out! The 10 Hottest HK Photography Spots!✨✨✨
1⃣ Choi Hung Estate

—As one of the earliest public housings built, it is where the prize-winning work of the Sony World Photography Award in 2016 was shot.

2⃣ Sai Ying Pun Station’s Embossed Mural

Made by Louise Soloway Chan, it depicts the street views of old times.

3⃣ Oi Man Estate

As the first generation of public housing, it was built under order of England Queen’s.

4⃣ Sheung Wan & Central’s Mural

You can see murals on the iron gates, in the back alley, or on the outer wall of the shop, bringing surprises to all the people passing by!

5⃣ Sai Wan Swimming Shed

The public swimming pool in the 1960s and the best place to watch the sunset.

6⃣  Shek O

—With colorful cottages everywhere, you can enjoy a town with southern European architecture. 

7⃣  Lugard Road

—It is the perfect place to look at Victoria Habour. Enjoy the night scene!

8⃣  Montane Mansion

—Made up of Fook Cheong Building, Yick Cheong Building, Yick Fat Building, and Oceanic Building, not only is a photography spot but it was also where Transformers: Age of Extinction was shot!

9⃣  Yuen Long Green Tunnel

—It is the only way for Tai Kei Leng residents to Yuen Long Town. Becuase of how long it is and the repeating wall patterns with a green aura, it also known as the Time Tunnel.

🔟  Rhino Rock

—It is the most popular spot for Stanley and the best place for hikers!