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Beware of knee pain or injuries caused by running

Summer is coming! Time to get out and stay fit for all the sunshine and beaches you’re going to be enjoying. Perfect time to break the bikinis out! However, beware of knee pain or injuries caused by running, cycling or hiking as they may exert great pressure to your knees. You may not want your knee to injure so soon, right?

Summer time, bikini time!
Summertime, bikini time!
Beware of knee pain or injuries caused by running
Beware of knee pain or injuries caused by running

Here are some of the key points for keeping our knees healthy and to reduce the chances of having knee pains:

  1. Reduce your body weight in order to reduce knee joint pressure
  2. Avoid carrying heavy stuff. Try to use a cart to transport items if possible.
  3. Avoid standing or walking too long. Use a walking stick to help walk for long amounts of time.
  4. Avoid climbing up and down stairs or slopes to reduce the impact on knee joints
  5. Check the soles on your shoes from time to time. If they areworn out, it is best to replace them.
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