The Disappearing Hong Kong Cultures

In this day and age, traditional gems have been replaced gradually. What exactly are those disappearing traditional cultures?

1️⃣ Dai Pai Dong

With an inimitable atmosphere, it is the very traditional dining experience in Hong Kong. Owning to the hygiene problem and new license issue limitation, the outdoor restaurants have been on a drastic decline. Now, there are only 20 more left!

2️⃣ Dim Sum Cart

Most of the Cantonese restaurants now replace the dim sum cart with a mundane order sheet.

The traditional way of ordering dim sum only exists in few restaurants now.

3️⃣ Roasted Chestnuts

With the roads crowded with people, vendors no longer sell the roasted chestnuts on the roadside anymore.

4️⃣ Hong Kong Cafe

Representing the civil culture, Hong Kong Cafe has changed into fast-paced Tea Houses since 1980. The relaxing place for light meals as well as drinks no longer exists.

5️⃣ Ztore

As a childhood memory of the 70’s, Ztore differ from stores to stores. Now it has been substituted by chain convenience stores.

6️⃣ Tong Lau

With the demographic explosion, Tong Laus, an old type of building without elevators,  have been rebuilt. Most of them have become warehouses for street shops now.